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Why is My iPhone not Charging?

why is my iphone not charging

As we know, the iPhone is the king of the brand. All the products and parts of the iPhone are much more expensive than any other brand. Therefore we must care about it. Once you get any issue with your device, it will become difficult for you to fix it properly.

Here are some essential points regarding the iPhone if it is not charging, then you can get the best results at home by just doing such things:_

Examine your lightning cable for any signs of tear.

Examine both ends of the USB cable you’re using to charge your iPhone. Lightning cords, especially the lot that connects to your iPhone. It may be time for a new line if you notice any noticeable wear and damage indications to the lightning cable. Moreover, Instead of using the wall adapter that came with your iPhone, consider plugging it into a USB port on your computer to charge it. If you’re already using your computer to charge your iPhone, consider utilizing the wall adapter. If it works in one location and not in another, then it is not the issue of cable.

Remember about the warranty on your iPhone!

The USB cable (along with everything else in the iPhone box) is covered if your iPhone is still under warranty! If your lightning cable is in good enough condition, Apple will replace it for free. You can schedule a return through Apple’s support website or by calling your local Apple Store to schedule a Genius Bar appointment. It’s usually an excellent option to schedule an appointment with the Genius Bar before visiting the Apple Store. You won’t have to stand in line for very long this way.

It is possible to find high-quality, low-cost cables.

You can check out the best picks on Amazon if you’re seeking a high-quality, more lasting iPod touch phone charger than Apple’s. The 6-foot Lightning cable is perfect for using your iPhone in bed because it’s long enough. If you have a long wire and charging cable in good condition, I don’t think it will break within a week.

 Attempt to Charge your iPhone using a Different Charger

Are you recharging your iPhone by utilizing a household outlet, a car charger, a laptop, or another method? You can charge the phone in a variety of ways. Here some of the most important ways that you can use to charge your iPhone are given below:-

When your iPhone connects to an accessory, it’s your iPhone software that decides whether to charge it or not. As a precaution, the software will stop your iPhone from charging if it detects voltage instability. Change the outlet where your iPhone is plugged in. How can you know if your iPhone didn’t charge because of your power adapter?

We’ll examine your Lightning cord in the same way we did before. Trying an alternative adapter is the easiest method to determine if yours is defective. Chargers can be fussy, so test a couple of different ones. Try inserting your iPad into a USB port on your computer to recharge with the USB port. If it doesn’t charge, then go for a new iPhone.

Cleaning the Charging Port of Your iPhone

Examine the battery pack at the top of the iPhone using a light. Should you find any dirt and grease inside it, that’s possible it’s blocking the lightning connector from establishing a network connection to the phone? That’s necessary to flush out all the dust, muck, as well as other debris from your iPhone’s connector. You’ll get something that won’t conduct electric current or harm your device’s circuitry at the base. When you connect the data cable with the iPhone, iPhone software decides whether it will charge the phone. There seem to be several connections below (a USB cord contains nine), and if the incorrect one is jammed, the iPhone will not charge.