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How to Switch off iPhone 11

How to switch off iPhone 11

Technology is evolving day by day and introducing new inventions rapidly. Many smartphone manufacturers bring new changes in their smartphones in the form of advanced features. Even, there are many ways to Power-Off your devices, whether you have an iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12. For example, on the older version of iPhones, the side button (Power button) will be used to press and hold until the Turn off option appears. Now, the iPhone introduces a new and advanced feature called Siri which is used to perform different tasks including turning off the device.

Well, the question How to turn off iPhone 11 would be answered in this article. You don’t need to apply different approaches only to turn off your device because every smartphone company provides a specific button to turn off/on the phone. But now, we are going to find other ways to switch off the iPhone so let’s get started.

Use the Side-buttons to turn off your iPhone.

You can turn off the iPhone X or iPhone 11 with buttons with two methods:

One approach is to push and hold both the Up Volume button and the Down Volume button at the same time before you see the term-off option.

Note: The Side button will take a display picture instead of the Slide to Power Off slider when you quickly click Volume Up.

Alternatively, click and hold the Side button to reach the Slide Off Toggle, and then press the Volume Up button, followed by the Volume Down Button. The SOS slider does not appear while using this feature. You should use this approach if you are afraid that you inadvertently initiate a 911 call.

  • Press and keep down the iPhone Volume Up and Side button.

Drag the Slide to the Power off slider on the right after using each of the buttons’ series.

You must insert your passcode to reach your telephone if you cancel any procedure using the right’s cancel button.

  • Turn the iPhone off in Settings.
  • You can do so in Settings if you do not use the buttons to turn off your iPhone.
  • Tap Settings on the Home screen.
  • Tap General on the Settings display.
  • General tap in settings for iPhone
  • At the bottom of the General Screen, tap Shut.
  • Drag the Slide to the right slider to turn off your iPhone.
  • Turn on your iPhone.
  • Turning back, your iPhone did not improve. Press the Side button and leave it on until you see on the screen the Apple logo.
  • Reboot the iPhone with the Buttons

You have a few choices if you need to restart your iPhone instead of switching it off.

The Restart of your iPhone with the buttons is close to the above-mentioned second way to turn it off.

  • First, click Volume Up once easily.
  • Then hit the Down Volume button once easily.

You need to click and continue holding the Side Button downwards until the Apple logo is seen.

  • Press and keep holding the iPhone Side button

You will toggle the SOS function instantly dial emergency assistance when you first do not click the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button before pushing and holding the Side button.

If the button approach is uncomfortable, there are other ways to restart the iPhone.

How to switch off iPhone 11 with Assistive touch? AssistiveTouch is a valuable function for an accessible iPhone that enables several activities to be carried out, including restarting the handset without using buttons on the phone. Default is not allowed.

  • Go to the Settings app and tap Accessibility to enable AssistiveTouch.
  • Tap the Accessibility button Touch then.
  • Tap AssistiveTouch on the Touchpad.
  • Tap the AssistiveTouch tab, so it turns orange. To activate AssistiveTouch, tap.

You must then add to the AssistiveTouch menu to the Reboot option. Tap Top Level Customise Menu.

On customising the top-level interface, tap either of these options. The Reboot option can be used to replace any option. The Plus and Minus buttons also allow you to add additional icons to the menu.

  • Tap AssistiveTouch’s menu icon
  • Tap Restart while scrolling down the list. Tap has done later.
  • Select Reboot as the choice of AssistiveTouch
  • Tap the AssistiveTouch button on your Home screen to restart your iPhone and tap Start again.
  • Tap Reboot on the shown confirmation dialogue.
  • To confirm, tap Resume.

so, these are some easy and quick ways to switch off the iPhone without any error. Try any of the above-mentioned ways and keep using smartphones.