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How to Delete Cookies on iPhone?

How to delete cookies on iPhone

What are cookies/cache?

Cookies are small files that websites store to keep them informed about you and your visit on your phone or device. This means that the online experience can be tailored and personalized. Your bank can use cookies to remember and show the webpage for your login email address. Also, a store could use cookies to recall your cart.

However, cookies can be a challenge occasionally. You may need to remove the cookies on your iPhone to fix an issue or to save space on your browser. And some privacy activists request that cookies be blocked entirely so that websites cannot collect your personal information. For further details, please visit our website at

How to delete cookies on iPhone?

Safari incorporates all of their PC and Mac counterparts’ features in the iPhone’s native browser. One function of this kind is cookies (tiny data files that allow websites to store user information). While many cookies only have good intentions, a few users are malicious in their plan to uninstall their saved cookies regularly to remain secure. You can not explicitly remove cookies from the Safari browser on the iPhone and use the iPhone’s Settings program. It is also possible to set Safari never to store cookies.

What happens when you delete cookies ad cache?

Before knowing about “how to delete cookies on iPhone?” you should know what can happen when you delete cookies. After clearing cache and cookies, you will face the following issues:

  • Specific website settings are removed. You’ll have to register again if you’ve signed up.
  • Some pages will seem slower, as content must be loaded again, as pictures do.

What happens when you block cookies?

A cookie is a piece sent by a website to your computer so that you can recall it when you visit again. When you want to block cookies on your iPhone using Safari, you need to tap Settings > Safari, then turn on Block All Cookies. When you block cookies on your iPhone, some of the web pages will stop working. Here are some examples:

  • Perhaps you cannot sign up with the correct username and password to a web.
  • You will see that you need cookies or that cookies on your browser are deleted.
  • Some features cannot fit on a website.

What are the methods to delete cookies on iPhone?

If you are thinking about “how to delete cookies on iPhone?” then you have come to the best place. Here we will tell you the method for deleting cookies on the iPhone. So, let’s get started with it.

There are many ways to delete cookies on iPhone. Some of them are,

  • By using Safari:

For deleting cookies, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps,

  1. Close the browser (Note: If the client cannot close all windows, miss that stage and take the other actions. If the problem continues, the user will need to complete their window thoroughly and restart Clear Cache again.)
  2. Then, reopen Safari and navigate to a non-Lexis website.
  3. Then go to the “Settings App.”
  4. Tap Safari
  5. Tap Clear History and Data
  6. Tap Clear History and Data again.

Warning: Clearing all cookies eliminates the site’s user interests, authentication records, cart content, and server-based identifiers.

  • By using content blocker:

Content blockers are applications and extensions from third parties that enable Safari to block cookies, pictures, tools, pop-ups, and others. This is how a material blocker can be obtained:

  1. Download content blocking app from the App Store.
  2. Tap Settings > Safari > Content Blockers, then set up the extensions that you want.
  • By using a google account:

Your browser can sign you out of your Google Account when you delete your cache and cookies. Update your recovery phone and email address to ensure that you can log in. In the chrome app, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps,

  1. On your iPhone, open the Chrome app.
  2. Then, tap “More.”
  3. Then go to History > Clear browsing data.
  4. Make sure there’s a checkmark next to “Cookies, Site Data” and “Cached Images and Files.”
  5. Tap Clear browsing data.