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Which is Better, iPhone or Android?

Which is Better iPhone or Android


As we know, the smartphone is the need of every person. It is a much difficult task for us to select the right option. When it comes to buying the best smartphone to choose the suitable one and best, it is much harder to choose the right choice from iPhones, and doubt both have advanced features and look similar to each other. Here are a few points is that we considered before selecting the right smartphone:-


The first most important difference between iPhones and androids is hardware. iPhones are from the apple brand; therefore, they have high control on both software and hardware that works together. When we talk about android, Google offers android software to many smartphones such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and many others. The reason is that android phones are different in sizes, shapes, quality, features, and weight.

According to estimates, premium-priced Android smartphones are the best choice as compared to iPhones. But on the other hand, cheap android smartphones cause more doubt, iPhones have hardware issues, but they still have higher quality than android phones. When you are interested in buying iPhones, then you just need to select the model. Whereas if you prefer the android devices, you need to pick up both brand and model. Therefore many people prefer android phones, but still, there is a high proportion of the iPhone’s user that appreciates the simplicity and quality of the apple.


Suppose you want to select suitable smartphones, then always considered the latest and the most excellent version of the smartphone’s operating system. That you can only get in your iPhones, not in the androids. The main reason for it is that many android makers are very slow to update the latest version in their phones of android OS. But in many cases, even they do not update their phones at all.

It is noted that older phones have lost the support of the latest OS, whereas apples support the older phones in a very good way rather than that of the androids. For example, IOS 11, launched in 2017, has the same features and fully supported the same with the iPhone 5S released four years before the IOS 11.

Another significant difference is that IOS 11 installed about 66 per cent of the compatible models in the duration of the 6 weeks once when it launched. Whereas android 8 was installed on 0.2 per cent of Android devices, and the duration is more than eight weeks when if you want to get the latest and most excellent iOS for you, select the iPhones; it is the best choice for you.


Selection is not the main factor as the apple app store gives the few apps rather than Google Play. Apple has more privacy and security system, it is stricter towards Whatsapp, and it does not allow fake versions of what’s app installation. So there are no security threats in the iPhones. At the same time, many Android users ate facing this problem on their phones. In android, the different types of OS versions and number of devices make android phones more expensive. iPhones have more advanced features and up-to-date versions so that users can enjoy the advanced versions of the iPhones.


If you are worried about your data and information privacy, then apple is the best choice for you. Google’s primary business model is made to collect all data and share all your data with the companies. Apple Company does not need the business model data to sell your product and make money by sharing your information for the advertisement. Apple provides complete security and privacy to their uses and is not allowed to share personal information with companies or any other person. You can easily trust the iPhones and use them to store all your personal information. There are no security threats for iPhones users.