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How to Factory Reset iPhone

How to factory reset iphone

You may feel that there are some irregularities to your iPhone X. There could be several causes for the iPhone X not to respond, freeze suddenly, or fail to wake up, and we are ready to list them all. However, we will make adjustments, including causing the system to restart and reboot hard, on most issues on the iPhone X. This guidance provides a possible way on how to factory reset iPhone“.

It’s fun to have a new gadget, whether it be an iPhone 12 or one of the excellent Android handsets available. But you also have to decide what to do with your old phone when deciding on a new device. If it is still working, you have a variety of possibilities to sell it to a stranger to save some cash or repurpose it. However, you also have work to do before you pass them off to someone else or dispose of them.

You have to study a while to reset your phone to factory settings before you even start thinking about handing your phone to someone else. This will mean that nobody gets access to the wealth of sensitive knowledge in our iPhone that you all hold. Below I’m going to take you on the step required for ‘how to factory reset iPhone’ and complete the process.

If you have problems with your iPhone, such as freezing or crashing, it can resolve the problem by resetting the smartphone to its factory settings. Or you would want to reset your iPhone to remove all of your details out of the system, whether you are selling or giving it away.

Suppose you reset your iPhone to your factory settings. In that case, you can go back to the basics: no addresses, playlists, photos, password memories, or anything else you installed after you purchased it.

However, It is vital to back up all your information to prevent you from losing important data before starting the resetting process. You will recover it with your backup until your iPhone has been reset.

Here is how to factory reset your iPhone and ensure the backup of your files.

How you should reset your iPhone

It is essential to back up and sign off your Apple ID when you reset an iPhone to wipe off all your data.

Save iPhone to iCloud.

  • First, backup your iPhone to iCloud to keep your unsaved data from being lost.
  • Open the app and press on the top of the page your name and Apple ID.
  • Go to the ID tab of your Apple.
  • Tap the “iCloud” button on your Apple ID tab.
  • Pick “iCloud Backup” and scroll down. Tap “Back Up Now” to quickly back up all of your iCloud files.
  • To manually back up your data to iCloud, choose “Back Up Now.”
  • Register from your Apple ID. If you lose your device, it is necessary to sign out of your Apple ID because no one else will contact you.
  • Open iPhone Settings and tap on your device’s top with your Apple ID and name.
  • Tap “Sign up” at the end of the scale
  • Sign your account with Apple ID.
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Please enter the saved password. If so, in the top-right corner, type your password and tap ‘Turn off.’

Enable the iPhone factory

  • Choose Settings > General > Reset and press Delete All Content and Settings to reset your iPhone. Make sure that you first backup your iPhone and get your data back up later.
  • Download and tap “General” in “Settings.”
  • Tap “Reset” at the bottom of the list “General.”
  • At the bottom of the General tab, choose “Reset.”
  • Click “Erase all content and settings” when resetting your iPhone.
  • If you’re confident, you wipe everything, tap “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  • The device will ask you to enter your passcode and check that you want everything to be deleted. To confirm, tap “Erase.”

Based on the amount you saved on your iPhone, this will take a few minutes, but your system restarts after the reset is over.